Founder. Also known as “Uniki”. He has been a member of Soudan NFT since the beginning of the NFT trend in Japan, and has been active in multiple projects such as LAG and Astar Prince. Loves sparrow and baseball.


Main designer. She is also the lead designer of CNP which is the No.1 NFT market cap project in Japan.


Designer. CEO of SoudanNFT Inc. and lead designer of LAG. She has created a growing project involving various people/communities with her mysterious charm and connections.


Engineer, also an engineer at CNP. He created the burnin’ system on CNP.


Very Long CNP, CNP, CNPJ, and engineer for various projects, aka Mad Engineer, also provides courses for the Web3 Engineer Training Project, builds Discord bot, provides tools, etc. When are you sleeping?

Crypto Muscle(@crypto_muscle_)

VLCNP Advisor, also founder of SoudanNFT and LAG. He has been involved in the NFT industry with kuramin and Fowler since the early days of NFT in Japan. He has consulted for many companies.


Collabmanager, assistant manager and designer for LAG.